Children's Rights

Albie Sachs - lecture transcript

This a slightly abridged text of the lecture given by the ANC veteran and South African constitutional court judge Albie Sachs at the National Gallery of Scotland on June 25 2009 in Edinburgh, transcribed from my shorthand note.

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New £5 million contracts for three public sector 'tsars'

Millions of pounds per year is to be spent on new long-term contracts for three Scottish public sector ‘tsars’ despite deep spending cuts and criticism over some of their work.

Is Tam Baillie the right man to be Scotland's Children's Commissioner?

From the Daily Telegraph Jan 4 2011 - by Jackie Kemp

Despite budget cuts of almost £1 billion next year, Holyrood is about to pick a Children's Commissioner, and give them a multi-million-pound budget, for six years. Tam Baillie, the incumbent, is the clear front-runner, but Jackie Kemp asks whether he is the right man for the £70,000-a-year post and if MSPs are bothering to find out.

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Children removed from 'fat family'

Social workers who removed two children from an overweight family acted yesterday to ensure that all their remaining children, including a newborn baby, are taken into care.

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My 16-year fight with the NHS... and why my brave little boy deserves his millions

The piece tells the moving story of how mother Pauline Mckenzie with the help of her lawyer Ken Lauder won the biggest-ever damages in a medical negligence case in Scotland for her birth-injured son Kyle after a 16-year legal fight.

It appeared as an exclusive in the Scottish Daily Mail on September 18 2010 By Jackie Kemp and Gavin Madeley.


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