Mechanical enginering at Dundee

From the Guardian University Guide

The University of Dundee has motored up the mechanical engineering tables, coming from outside the top 20 last year to third place.

This is the first year that students have built a formula student racing car to race in a university competition at Silverstone - a project that the department head, Robert Keatch, says they are hugely enjoying and which is helping their team-working skills.

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Does classroom size really matter, Mr Clegg?

Guardian Education blog.

The Lib Dem leader's policy pledge to reduce early years class sizes may seem like common sense – until we realise how impracticable it is.

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Kitchen Nightmare on Lismore

Education Guardian

What children put into their mouths at lunchtime has become one of the touchstone political issues of our age and a money-saving plan by Argyll council in Scotland to shut six Hebridean island school kitchens was recently shot down by parental anger.

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