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Mona Siddiqui on love, sex and death.


Sexual desire, the search for happiness, dealing with death and living as a member of a minority are just some of the topics Muslim theologian Mona Siddiqui discusses in her new book - part handbook to life, part autobiography: “My Way”, which she will discuss at Glasgow’s “Aye Write” festival this April.

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Does Edinburgh need to sacrifice green belt?

From the Evening News, Dec 4 2013

Does Edinburgh really need to sacrifice hundreds of acres of green belt to the west of the city for A development to fill a housing shortage as Murray Estates owned by former Rangers chairman Sir David Murray argues?

The site of the old Eastern General is ripe for development. Picture: Jon Savage


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Ultrasound, a Scots invention that emigrated

From the Herald 28 Dec 1995

Scots pioneered the technology and techniques for one of the most amazing pieces of medical equipment in hospitals today.

Yet, as Jackie Kemp discovers, lack of insight and investment meant that their innovation was ignored here and taken over by other countries.

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i for ingenious

JACKIE KEMP from online publication "Journalist's Handbook" April 4 2011.

The i –  a concise version of the Independent newspaper priced at a very reasonable 20 pence a day or £35 a year – appears to be doing rather well. ABC sales figures at the start of this year were around 130,000 and are reportedly heading for 160,000 now. That is double the number of people who subscribe to the Times website and, at a time when in many newspaper groups resources have been migrating from print to online editions, it presents an interesting idea.
Could it be that there is still some mileage in the hoary old newspaper? Could there be something too in this new, sexy concept of concision? 

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Asylum Seekers in Glasgow Face Eviction

Asylum Seekers Akokpe Kangnisoukpe and his 3 year old daughter Rose

Akakpo Kangni-Soukpe and his three-year-old daughter Rose, from Togo, are among more than 1,000 asylum seekers in Glasgow being moved on. Photograph: Murdo Macleod.

A similar article appeared in the Guardian on November 24. All reference to the housing group 'Angel' was removed after a polite request for a comment was greeted with a letter from libel lawyers Carter Ruck.

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