In praise of wild camping

The Herald Magazine

Hiking off into the purple yonder with nothing but a sleeping bag and a loo roll – that is camping as it once was and, for some, what it is becoming again. There’s a resurgence in so-calledwild camping in Scotland as the countryside access laws bed in. Forget the designer floral tent with matching curtains, the elegant plastic wine goblets and the pre-cooked lasagne – leave them at home where they belong and head for the horizon with just a toothbrush in your pocket.

Pic: Rob Bruce (not original illustration).

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A city that’s proud to be itself again

The Herald

FOR many Britons, Dresden still conjures up thoughts of the Allied bombing and firestorm that razed it  during the Second World War. But it is a shame that more of us don’t visit this magnificent regional  capital today to see how it has risen, phoenixlike, from the ashes.

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